Our Philippine Headquarters is situated in the Ortigas CBD of Metro Manila, Philippines. Our bandwidth gives us the capability to support more than 2,000 seats which are distributed to our strategic Micro Centers.


Data are controlled and managed with established Back Office, Inc. security policy. Our security policy is in line with “A Code of Practice for Information Security Management BS7799”. We strongly uphold professional ethics in the workplace.


Located at the heart of the Central Business Districts (CBDs) of Manila and Cebu, our Micro Centers are strategically located for easy access to key amenities with consistent Internet connectivity, Telephony and Power.


Our solutions are a correct fit for businesses that have high call volumes coming from multiple locations. This makes it easier to scale up operations effortlessly and quickly at the least cost. This allows us to build upon functionality and to scale over time as operations demand without the necessary huge investments involved with traditional Public Branch Exchange (PBX) based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

Back Office, Inc. equipment is centralized to opt out the difficulty individual dialers management for each Micro Center. Dialer Managers have a “birds-eye” view of all running campaigns and are capable of adjusting parameters in real time. Local administrators within each Micro Center have access to only their specific campaigns, no local administrator is capable of changing parameters and run-time settings of campaigns. Multi-Party Conference, Screen Transfer, Call Hold, Call Forwarding, Predictive Dialing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Logging and ACD are system-inbuilt features.


Our equipment is of Carrier Grade quality to ensure continuous delivery of service. Each device has multiple host/CPU cards and backplanes. All equipment are powered by DC to AC inverted power, allowing the center to run on battery power in the event of total AC power loss. In the event of failure of one system, others can take over with minimal impact to our service. Our Core Gateways are high capacity switches that can support up to 2,688 simultaneous calls. Our Core Gateways are high capacity switches that can support up to 2,688 simultaneous calls. It can support loss of power on two of its power supplies. The secondary controller can takeover in seconds when the primary host controller fails. Our US Point of Presence (PoP) is multi-homed to the internet. These are connected to a separate link which has a direct route to the Philippine PoP. Internet Traffic’s primary route goes out via this link and can go out thru the internet in case of failure. This ensures that Quality of Service is enforced end to end.


A combination of real time and historical network monitoring tools is available to keep track of the current status of the network. Alerts and notices are being sent to Network Administrators whenever a change in status occurs.

Reporting and Performance Management capabilities allow clients to view real-time data to allocate resources and do process improvements.

Queues can have informative messages played in the background while customers are waiting. Voice logs are recorded and are storable in any format. Clients have also the ability to listen to agents while handling their calls.

These monitoring tools allow us to do historical and trends analysis in order to keep up with the demands on our network resources. Detailed data is available (i.e. disk space available, host CPU utilization, network interface traffic graphs) to aid us in pinpointing which host or node to upgrade, maintain, change or remove from the network.