Finance Officer (CPA)


  1. Prepares financialk reportrs and schedules in conformity with company policies and all relevant policies and requirements.
  2. Records financial transcations using Quickbooks accounting system
  3. Ensures compliance with reportorial and mandatory requirements of government instituisions.
  4. Sees to it that all taxes and licensesand payables are paid on time
  5. Executes improvements in accounting processes.
  6. Establishes, maintain and coordinate the implementation of accounting and control procedures.
  7. Monitors and executes internal control procedures to ensure that company assests are safeguarded.


  1. Professional license: Certified Public Accountant
  2. College graduate of Finance/Accountancy or other related fields
  3. at least 1 year work experience in General accounting
  4. Intensive knowledge with Quickbooks Accounting system, MS word, MS Excel.
  5. High level of professionalism, flexible, organized, systematic and analytical.
  6. Can work under presssure and maturity to accomplish task
  7. Be able to shift from one area of work to another
  8. Good in oral and written communication skill


Full-Time position(s) available.


Send your resume to [email protected]